So it’s been a while…quite a while actually since I sat down to write. I started, and then fell off the blog wagon again as I got too busy and let life pile on the excuses, so humour me a little navel gazing tonight…

After another year of slogging it in a marketing agency writing some truly soul crushing, boring shit, I’m back to writing what I want to write: history, LGBT stories, women’s issues, literature, culture, and travel. All the things worth writing about…as opposed to writing a blog post on how to chase someone around the internet after they’ve looked at a watch online. Thanks, but I’ll pass. Luckily, that part of my life will end in a few scant months and I can focus on getting out what’s important. People don’t need to buy more shit, we’re inundated with it. We need to read about the things that matter, and lift up our spirits, particularly in this current political climate.

So this time, I’m really back; starting today, focused on writing. It’s weird because although I’ve been writing for a long time, mainly history related posts, I feel like I’ve been running from it for so long. I was scared to say the word “writer”, (or “historian” for that matter) always lurking around and feeling like a hack, about to be unmasked for all the world to see.

I wondered, well what am I going to do after two years of marketing writing, hmmm, another marketing gig perhaps? The thought of it made me ill. I just can’t do it anymore – I can’t write shit I don’t care about; selling things and ideas to people just to make a buck (or a pound, ha). The answer was staring me in the face the entire time: write what you know, write what you love. I’ve churned out some decent marketing posts but nothing that I felt really showcased my abilities, because I could never really get behind, “Facebook audience lists” or “Google Shopping”. My heart wasn’t in it, and for some people, that’s OK, but I realized: I’m too much of an idealist to keep doing something that makes me utterly miserable, or doesn’t resonate with me on some level.

So here’s to a new chapter in my life, to writing what I know, and writing what I love.

Write what you know, write what you love…

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