Polish by birth, Canadian raised, British at heart. Historian, wanderer, bookworm, coffee lover, member of the rainbow. I spend my time bumbling around Europe doing nerdy things and writing about them. I’m owned by a Jack Russell Terrier. I call London home.

I tweet: @mediaevalgirl


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  1. Hi Sandra. This is really about Medievalists.net and The Medieval Magazine (I couldn’t find a way to get in touch there). I’d like to offer my proofing services to the magazine and/or the site. While I enjoy the articles and the wide range of topics covered, the numerous typos and errors in sentence structure or word use are distracting and, I believe, turn the discerning reader off. The site and magazine are enjoyable, but could be better.

    1. Hi Myrrh,

      Thanks for commenting. We are trying to fix that at the moment – some of the issues have to do with the formatting of the magazine when it goes to pdf print. Right now, we can’t hire a proof reader. I will take your comments and share them with my team. I agree that typos are absolutely unacceptable in an academic magazine. It bothers me immensely. As for sentence structure – we do tend to write a little less formally, in more of a blog style, so I am OK with breaking with conventions there.



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