#100HappyDays – Day 2 – September 2nd: Bianca del Rio

Watching TV – something I don’t get to do much since I no longer own a TV. I do love Bianca del Rio. That’s almost worth a TV license and cable bill ;) #100HappyDays

#100HappyDays - Day 2 - Sept 2nd - Bianca del Rio

#100HappyDays – Day 2 – Sept 2nd – Bianca del Rio

#100HappyDays: Day 1- September 1st

I don't know why but I woke up this morning with the overwhelming urge to be super productive in the same way many people wake up on January 1st believing they are going to take on the world and start anew. I'm not much for New Year's resolutions, … [Continue reading]

January 12: A quiet Sunday

Today was another rainy, great day. I went for a nice walk on Tooting Common with T and Buffy. As we were coming home, we spotted this unusual car and I had to snap a picture. Wood paneling on the trim screams 70s to me but this car is much older. We … [Continue reading]

January 11: A Beautiful Day in Clapham Common

I walk Buffy daily around Balham and Clapham. I love the area. South London gets a bad rap and it's really ridiculous. it's a great place to live. Time Out London recently published a North vs. South look at London and South London was the clear … [Continue reading]

January 10: Winter? Finally?

On my way into work, I finally spied a bit of winter on the ground - a smidge of frost kissing the green grass. That's all we've gotten the past few months, meanwhile, North America was hit by some crazy The Day After Tomorrow Polar Vortex. It's been … [Continue reading]