January 12: A quiet Sunday

Jan 12, 2014 - A quiet Sunday near Tooting Common.

Jan 12, 2014 – A quiet Sunday near Tooting Common.

Today was another rainy, great day. I went for a nice walk on Tooting Common with T and Buffy. As we were coming home, we spotted this unusual car and I had to snap a picture. Wood paneling on the trim screams 70s to me but this car is much older. We went home, shopped for food and then watched Dracula at T’s house. All in all, the perfect afternoon. Some days are made for doing nothing, this was one of those days.

January 11: A Beautiful Day in Clapham Common

I walk Buffy daily around Balham and Clapham. I love the area. South London gets a bad rap and it's really ridiculous. it's a great place to live. Time Out London recently published a North vs. South look at London and South London was the clear … [Continue reading]

January 10: Winter? Finally?

On my way into work, I finally spied a bit of winter on the ground - a smidge of frost kissing the green grass. That's all we've gotten the past few months, meanwhile, North America was hit by some crazy The Day After Tomorrow Polar Vortex. It's been … [Continue reading]

January 9: Working and Netflixing

I don't have a TV set here in England and I don't intend to buy one. They charge you this stupid TV tax here - £145 per year ($260 CAD per year) just to watch live TV. If you have a TV and don't pay the tax, which is for providing the BBC with zero … [Continue reading]

January 8: Geeks, geeks everywhere!

I've spent the last week taking lunchtime walks with L around our office in Staines-Upon-Thames. L lives in the area so I obediently follow her wherever she goes on our lunch hour without complaint. On this particular day, she took me to this cute … [Continue reading]